Rank Tracking with Nozzle

I personally have tried many rank trackers in the market, in search for that one reliable holy grail. Tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs have been amazing. But as a startup digital agency, I’m trying to find a balance between cost and result, in other words the best ROI.

Lucky enough, I stumbled upon Nozzle and decided to give it a try. Nozzle was founded in 2014 by three professionals named Derek, Joe and Tanner. Part of the reason that convinced me was the fact that these professionals have been in the industry long enough, even better with open source contributions.

In general, rank trackers can be either inaccurate, or too shallow on the data reporting aspect. That’s one of the contributing factors that led me to Nozzle. What I like most about Nozzle is the enterprise grade SEO features. The data it provides is extensive, and the unlimited competitor tracking is not what others in this space offer. They don’t hide any of their features behind a paywall as all their plans are the same, the only difference being the number of pulls.

It is relatively easy to set up. it gives you plenty of data about SEO/SERP and social media. You can check how your competitors are performing and use the information provided by Nozzle to reverse engineer their best-performing practices.

In summary, there are three areas that Nozzle stands out against the rest.

1) Dashboard – The dashboard shows plenty of information condensed into readable tables and charts. Once you have added a few projects, you will understand why this well-designed dashboard is great for monitoring multiple projects. In just one page, you have an overview of all your website’s performances, such as the current rankings, movements, etc.

2) Credit System – Nozzle’s plans work via “pulls”, a credit system where you can allocate the pulls in a very flexible manner across all your projects. You can control each keyword by adjusting the tracking intervals, devices, locations, etc. With this format, I can track a lot more keywords by prioritizing the more important keywords by assigning them more pulls, ultimately saving you much more credits that can be used to track more keywords.

3) Competitor Tracking – Nozzle tracks the top 100 competitors of your search term rather than how many other rank trackers do it by only letting you select a handful. This makes Nozzle stand out as you can access all this data whenever you need it. This makes total sense as why would you not want to have the data for all your competitors rather than a select few? You can even view the historical data in a way that looks like the actual SERP itself.

So if you’re an SEO specialist who is constantly trying to rank your keywords. Do yourself a favour and register a trial account today. You will be amazed by the features that you will find in Nozzle.