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Welcome! I am Kevin Teh, a customer-centric digital and real estate consultant, a caring and proud husband, and a problem solver.

Logical Yet Creative

Kevin came from a unique background, starting from his family roots, to his studies and career choices. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur to a multiracial family of Chinese and Kadazan, he grew up having a very different perspective in life and has been a lifetime advocate for diversity and equality. As a business student with great curiosity in the things in life, he has challenged himself to acquire multidisciplinary skills in web development, UI/UX design, digital marketing, project management and sales. To date, these achievements have presented him jobs from various industries ranging from retail, corporate, advertising, transportation, software house, and real estate.

In 2020, during the covid19 pandemic outbreak. Kevin embarked on a newfound opportunity to start a career in real estate, something that he’s planned for a long time. As an aspiring entrepreneur, the COVID-19 epidemic has helped to shape his outlook on the four most essential things in life, which are food and beverages, transportation, technology and real estate. Hence, he has decided to become a full-time digital and real estate consultant who is on a mission to help people at future-proofing their digital presence, and providing first class consultation services to property buyers of all colours.

Generalist Living In 2020 And Beyond

skill sets that Kevin has acquired over the years

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Web Development

WordPress, Laravel, SPA, e-commerce, automation and chatbots.


UI/UX Design

Content design, web design, and user experience planning.


Digital Marketing

SEO, AdWords, social media marketing, email marketing, analytics and content creation.


Real Estate Consulting

New project developments and making you smile.